Batman/The Spirit

Batman/The Spirit

Batman/The Spirit



Alternate name:
Batman The Spirit


Jeph Loeb

DC Comics, Supernatural


Will Eisner's legendary hero The Spirit returns for a monumental meeting with the Dark Knight in this special one-shot event written by comics luminaries Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN/ BATMAN) & Darwyn Cooke (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER) with art by Cooke & J. Bone! When the American Criminologist Association holds its annual convention, its members are unaware that America's criminals are holding a gathering of their own. And when Batman's rogue gallery joins forces with the Spirit's colorful criminals, things can only get worse! With dozens of villains on the loose and the nation's security at stake, two very different crimefighters must come together to save the day. Guest-starring just about everyone from the supporting casts of both comic-book icons - including Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, Ebony, P'Gell, Commissioner Dolan and more - this is an historic comics event you won't want to miss! When the police comissioners from Central City as Gotham travel to Hawaii for a convention at the same time as the villains from both cities, there's bound to be trouble. But can Batman and The Spirit put aside their mutual doubts about each other in order to save both Comissioner Dolan and Comissioner Gordon from such an enormous group of costumed villains?

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