Daughter of Titan

Daughter of Titan

Daughter of Titan



Alternate name:
Daughter of Titan (2017)



Fantasy, Leading Ladies


Daughter of Titan #1 is the story about Alena Amar, a young French Algerian woman living in America. After being attacked one night, Alena discovers she has super strength and eventually other powers as well. The idea for Daughter of Titan, was to create a superhero comic with one defining feature; a realistic female protagonist. Unfortunately, the realistic part falls short in other ways, even if you discount the superhero part. Apart from the odd expletive at using a super power, the reactions just don't feel natural. They started off okay, with her friend saying that maybe she thinks she did something but is actually in shock. Fair enough. But when said friend is saved and there's no possible explanation other than your best friend does in fact have super powers, the realism fails as there's no complete freak out or wanting to do tests as a lady of science. Instead it's just, well I have a suit you could use and is almost like pure acceptance of the powers. Moving straight onto a week ahead after Alena discovers she does actually have super strength probably doesn't help as it skips over all feelings and wonder over having this power and straight to acceptance by the comics heroine. Granted, there's only so much you can fit into a six-part miniseries, but it's still an odd time skip considering she's just discovered something amazing...

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