El Diablo

El Diablo

El Diablo



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Brian Azzarello

Action, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Vertigo


Small-town sheriff Moses Stone is running from his past, and from something even worse -- a brutal and relentless gunman who has unearthed the skeletons in Sheriff Stone's closet and has every intention of making the Sheriff face them. That relentless gunman is a killer of legend, known only as...El Diablo. Resurrecting the popular frontier phantom from the pages of the Weird Western Tales, El Diablo hits all the touchstones of the American Western Myth but digs deeper to uncover the sinister secrets and cold-blooded brutality of that unforgiving time and place. Is El Diablo a man on a mission? Is he a spirit of atonement avenging the ghosts who know no justice? Or is he the devil himself, impatiently collecting the souls of men whose actions have damned them? Sheriff Stone and his ragtag posse are about to find out -- the hard way.

Chapter (Issue) List

El Diablo #4 06/01/01
El Diablo #3 05/01/01
El Diablo #2 04/01/01
El Diablo #1 03/01/01