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Andersen Gabrych

Crime, Drama, Graphic Novels, Mature, Vertigo


New from Vertigo Crime! Frank Grissel is a hard-knuckled private eye – and a deeply closeted homosexual – set in the very real world of 1953 San Francisco. Aided by his long-suffering secretary (and sometime live-in lover) Loretta, Grissel's search for a runaway girl winds up with his becoming a suspect in a string of gruesome murders. The case takes twists and turns through the Golden Gate's greasy underbelly: the beguiling arms of a Chinese shipping heiress (and smuggler); an unexpected reunion with the daughter he abandoned long ago; the loss of Loretta to the sadistic clutches of the high-powered "Colonel"; and finally to the horrifying, gender-bending truth. ---------- It's 1953 and Frank Grissel is a man from the old school -- a tough-talking, hard-drinking, womanizing private dick who's seen it all and done it all... twice. So When young hookers start turning up dead on the streets of San Francisco's Tenderloin district, Frank barely raises an eyebrow. But after an apparently simple missing persons case goes dizzyingly complex, Frank sees that all the vice in this town is connected -- and that he is now caught in a twisted web of sex, money drugs and murder. And that's not all... because, like the city itself, Frank Grissel is not all that he appears. Dig beneath the surface and there's a complex and tortured soul who now realizes that exposing the truth of thi case may well reveal the truth about himself...

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Fogtown #1 08/01/10