Freaks of the Heartland

Freaks of the Heartland

Freaks of the Heartland



Alternate name:
Freaks of the Heartland (2004)


Steve Niles

Dark Horse, Horror


Steve Niles, creator of Cal McDonald and 30 Days of Night, one of the fastest rising stars in comics today, teams with Greg Ruth, who rose to notoriety with his Matrix comics, for a bizarre tale of horror unlike anything you've seen before. Trevor Owen has a younger brother who lives in the barn behind the house, too monstrous to be let into the house. The boy's only six years old, but he towers over his older brother, and possesses monstrous strength. For years, Trevor has looked after his baby brother, keeping him from the light, but now that's all about to change. His family's profane secret is about to be revealed, uncovering the horrible truth of the small midwestern town the boys have grown up in. Prepare to have your expectations about horror comics changed, with this bizarre tale from the writer of the best-selling horror comics in years.