Hellblazer - All His Engines

Hellblazer - All His Engines

Hellblazer - All His Engines



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Mike Carey

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mythology, Horror, Graphic Novels, Vertigo


For John Constantine, doing a favor for friends in need can be one of the most dangerous things in his line of work, especially when the favor includes a coma epidemic, a bloated demon creating a literal Hell on earth, and a Native American death god. Luckily, for John's friend and his friend's comatose granddaughter, the Hellblazer works well under the worst kinds of pressure, even being forced to be a demon's lackey. Back Blurb The master of bad luck magic must stop a worldwide demonic plague... but will his cure be worse than the disease? John Constantine -- the incorrigible trench coat-clad anti-hero -- hunts down a mad demon that has left a trail of bodies stretching from London to Los Angeles. And to have a prayer of defeating this ruthless enemy, Constantine must forge alliances with monsters eery bit as terrible as the one he's pursuing... A definitive tale of horror deftly told by Mike Carey (HELLBLAZER, LUCIFER) with stunningly visceral art by Leonardo Manco (HELLBLAZER, Apache Skies).

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