Human Target - Final Cut

Human Target - Final Cut

Human Target - Final Cut



Alternate name:
Human Target: Final Cut (2002)


Peter Milligan

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Crime, Graphic Novels, Superhero, Vertigo


In the psychological thriller HUMAN TARGET: FINAL CUT, Christopher Chance, a unique bodyguard that assumes the identity of the person that he is protecting, finds himself caught in a tangled web of Hollywood deceit, drugs and duplicity. While posing as an elderly film actor, the Human Target successfully takes down and kills the man who has been extorting aging thespians. But when Chance learns that the extortionist has also kidnapped a child actor, the master of disguise must impersonate his dead victim in order to find the boy before he dies of starvation. Entering into a world of veiled loyalties and shattered dreams, Chance looks to have taken on his final role as he slips dangerously deep into his fake identity and begins to lose his own sense of self. Part One: How to Succeed in Hollywood! Part Two: An Actor Prepares Part Three: Crossing the Line Part Four: The Treatment A tale about kidnap and betrayal

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